Gaslight Theatre

Secret Santa

Running November 14 – January 5
at The Gaslight Theatre

Gaslight melodrama

It’s Christmas season in the 60’s in Merryville, but not everybody is feeling the holiday cheer. Barkley Simpson, a local businessman has weaseled his way up the ladder to become the right-hand man to the owner of the Cogsworth Toy Factory. Simpson has convinced CC Cogsworth, that it’s no longer about toys and holiday cheer, but instead, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Simpson secretly halts toy production and puts his plan to ruin Christmas into full swing! Unaware of the boss’ sinister plans, the joyful toy makers of the Cogsworth Toy Factory are excited to be on track for a record year in toy production and make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! However, if Simpson’s plan works, it is sure to squash the Christmas spirit within the towns-people! Convinced that a lawn mower factory would be a much more lucrative business, Cogsworth and Simpson will stop at nothing to get their way and shut the toy factory down! When the dedicated toy makers catch on to Simpson’s conniving plans, they are more intent than ever on making this a record year for toy production and saving Christmas in Merryville! Just when it seems they have run out of options, help arrives from an unexpected source…a mysterious old toy maker. The mystery man, Nick and his niece Holly seem to have a few Christmas saving tricks up their sleeve and they are determined to bring Christmas cheer back into the heart of Merryville! Join the great citizens of Merryville as they laugh, sing, and dance their way to stopping the bad guys, saving the toy factory and making this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

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Secret Santa
November 14, 2019
January 5, 2020
The Gaslight Theatre (map)
7010 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
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For more than 41 years, The Gaslight Theatre has provided Tucson the finest family entertainment in Arizona. We have musical comedy melodramas 6 nights a week, and 5 different shows per year. Westerns, sci-fi spoofs, our famous Christmas Shows, and everything in between- you can find it all here at The Gaslight! Cheer the hero and Boo the villain while enjoying your favorite beer or soft drink, pizza, ice cream, and mountains of free popcorn! We also have concerts every Monday night! Here at The Gaslight, we’re about great entertainment, great food, low prices, and giving you a fun place to forget about your troubles, sit back, relax, and laugh!