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Gather A Vintage Market

657 W. St. Mary`s Road
Tucson, AZ, 85701
Phone: (520) 878-7215

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Sponsor Since: June 2016

March: Gather A Vintage Market--A 4-day vintage market featuring antique & vintage furniture and finds uniquely styled for the home & garden. March 9, 10, 11 & 12. Thurs, Fri, Sat 10 - 6; Sun 10 - 3. March theme: The Elements of Spring. 657 W St. Mary's Rd. 520.878.7215

Gather A Vintage Market: 2017

Gather's next market is March 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Gather A Vintage Market


The Elements of Spring is the March theme, and y'all know how much Tray loves Spring, from planting flowers and tending the garden to watching the trees bud out and listening to the birds singing. Living out in the country, we start to hear the birds in the morning, and the woodpecker comes to bang the fireplace cover. If we're lucky, the owls will who the house awake by perching on the top of the fireplace and whoing. Their beautiful calls fill the house and make us smile. Then one day, we'll walk out to see thousands of bees on the Ash trees in the front yard. And we know, spring is here. And as the yard comes to life, Tray likes to spring clean and move things around both inside and out. He'll move the potted plants and statuary around the yard, and then he comes inside and moves furniture and accessories around the house. He always teases me that by buying what he loves, he can make it fit in just about any room, and part of spring around our house is shifting and freshening up--inside and out. If you're ready to shift things in your home, come by for inspiration and visit with us.

Gather A Vintage Market

One of the most exciting things that happened this month was that we were listed in The Best of Arizona as one of the 10 Best Antique Stores in Arizona. We had no idea we were in the running. Simone signed on to look at something on Facebook, and there it was. What an awesome surprise. We are so thrilled to be among great company in this top-10 list, and we share this honor with you, each and every one of our customers. Without you, this wouldn't be possible, and we thank you for Gathering with us! If you want to check out the write-up and see all the stores in the top 10, check it out here:

It's been a busy month since last market. Tray and Jason combed the California coast for almost a week, collecting all kinds of cool finds. They found so much good stuff on this trip, they had to arrange storage in California, and they'll have to pick it up next trip. One of Tray's favorites is a work bench, just over 8 feet long in the perfect color green with a beautifully stained top, and Tray added casters to it for easy mobility. Another beautiful piece they found was a work-bench/kitchen counter with a stainless steel top. Lots of old concrete statuary made it back to Tucson too.

If you're in the market for leather furniture or those awesome old lockers for storage, this is the month to come into Gather. A beautiful leather sofa, a club chair and ottoman, and a unique side chair would all bring comfort and style to any room. We have multiple sets of very cool lockers in a variety of colors and configurations.

If you're on Facebook, check out our new feature and find out more about the Gather family through a peak into their homes. This month, we shared Lisa's newly redecorated bathroom, featuring ship lap, a Venetian mirror, and a beautiful crystal chandelier. It's clean, sleek, and inspiring.

You know Tray loves the drawing on Thursday mornings--he gets so excited to see who wins. I'm sure if there's a line on Friday morning, he'll be giving gift certificates away!  If there's a line on Saturday, who knows?  He may go crazy then too!

Thanks to each of you for making the market a success!  We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you!

Want to check out the awesome slideshow created by our photographer extraordinaire Julie Shaw and web designer David Russell create?  Here are the links in your favorite social media hotspots!





You can also Gather Online, through our Gather Online Market. Check it out by clicking on Shop at

You can contact us at 520.878.7215. 

We are located at 657 W. St. Mary's Rd. in Tucson, AZ. (Just East of I-10; Next to EcoGro and Wildcat Storage on the south side of the street.)

If you plan on visiting Thursday between 9 am and 1 pm and the parking lot is full, we suggest that you consider parking 

  • in the dirt lot on the north side of St. Mary's between the Rec Center and Davis Elementary School--directly across the street.  (We park our vehicles there, so look for parked cars.)
  • or in the paved lot right in front of Davis Elementary at the corner of St. Mary's and Granada. (It looks like part of the school parking but is actually city parking.  You enter from St. Mary's, and the exit onto Granada).  
  • If you park on the north side of the St. Mary's, there's a safety crosswalk that lights up to stop traffic for pedestrians.

If you have large purchases, you will be able to pull your vehicle to the bottom of our ramp to load.

We appreciate that you signed up to know when our market dates and times are and look forward to seeing you at the Market!

Tray & Simone Gers & the Gather Team
Gather A Vintage Market

Gather A Vintage Market

Simone and Tray Gers

"What started out as a passionate hobby has turned into our dream business!"

In 2012, we decided it was time for us to launch our dream . . .

a 4-day Vintage Market. We were fortunate to find a warehouse in downtown Tucson, a former lumberyard known as the Old Arizona Sash and Door Warehouse. The minute we walked in, we knew we found the perfect space. We love the old crusty, galvanized tin walls, exposed rafters, and wooden floor. Our dream was to create a magical environment in which we could interact with customers, share our ideas, vision, and creativity, and have fun with everyone who comes through our doors.

In January 2013, that dream came true when we opened for our first market. We now have 16 vendors, and we blend all of our furniture and finds together to create a curated collection in styled vignettes. Our vendors shop across the country and even in Europe to bring you amazing treasures. Each month when you come to our market, the entire floor plan is redesigned and restyled around a theme, creating a fresh and interesting experience each month. Our goal is that every customer who comes through the door has fun and is inspired while enjoying the uniquely styled treasures, and we want to provide customers with creative inspiration for incorporating vintage items into their homes and gardens.

We'd love to see you at one of our upcoming markets. We enjoy and are grateful for our customers, and we love hearing about how they use the treasures they've found at Gather in their homes and gardens.

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