Tucson Happenings Monthly Artist Profiles

Artist Profile March 2020: Carol Smith

As a kid, I was fascinated by making things with my hands. And I love color! My favorite color is most any shade of green. But I’m drawn to red in all its varied personalities, as well! Noticing and appreciating color and pattern is a big part of my every day. I’m inspired by everything around me. I grew up in Kansas. Plants, animals and expansive vistas were a big influence. I now have a great fondness for the subtle beauty of the desert, as well. Desert flora and fauna have made many appearances in my creations ever since my husband and I moved from Kansas City to Tucson 14 years ago.

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Artist Profile February 2020: Cary Mummé

I was quite taken with the gourds. I was sure there was something creative that could be done with them. Several months later I saw a notice for a one-day workshop being offered to make a gourd vase. During the class I learned that there's a waxy layer on the gourd so the shell must be washed and scrubbed with a wire pad to remove this layer. Removing the waxy layer allows the gourd skin to hold the dyes and enables the use of a wood burner or rotary burring tool to apply a design. In the class I learned about rotary tools, tool bits, micro-saws and super-hot wood burners. I also got to experiment with a variety of paints, stains and dyes. The best part was that I went home with a vase that I was really pleased with.

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Artist Profile December 2019: Rob Boone

I love Tucson and the beautiful desert that surrounds it. I have been a professional musician since 1975 and Realtor with Long Realty with my harpist wife for the last four years. My favorite subjects to photograph are the bobcat kittens that show up over the years. It seems the bobcat mothers will bring their kittens to hang out in our trees and on top of our roof. She will leave them safe from coyotes and other predators while going off to hunt. Often she will return with a rabbit for the family to take turns on. I have had several encounters where she drops down and nurses visible from our home windows.

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Artist Profile November 2019: Sue Betanzos


The natural world, literature and folktales are inspirations for my artworks. My designs, media & materials are often storytelling in design, creating picture poems. As a professional artist, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing colorful animal portrait paintings to nature and animal lovers. I love working with glass. It adds a wonderful depth to the paintings and mosaics, with rich jewel toned colors. With the glass paintings, anywhere from 5 - 8 translucent layers of paint are added, creating depth. The studio is my Zen time to create interpretations of what I love most, animals and the natural world.

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Artist Profile October 2019 Emily Mann


Emily Mann describes her work as Rustic-Refined ornamental and functional metalwork incorporating light play and various mediums like glass and mica. Inspired by the countless color tones & textures, and the magic of rainstorms, her work draws upon the flora and flow of the landscape, and truly flourishes after a nice long hike or challenging mountain bike ride. The hardness of the medium is softened by a woman’s touch and whimsy; the rustic nature is made sophisticated by intricate designs, tailored finishes and inlaid glass.

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Artist Profile September 2019 Jane Hamilton


And now that it has been 40 years since that 1st “popcorn prayer”, I can clearly see God’s hand in all of it. God used a practical need to get my attention, to a spiritual direction of my life. He moved it all at once, my calling in life’s work and his spiritual calling to me. He has directed my path since then, with the art business and my children. God has been waiting patiently for me to ask for help, before making it obvious that it was his hand that moved the direction needed.

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Artist Profile July 2019 Jeanne Conant


I work in two completely different mediums. I create abstract paintings in pastels and also detailed scratchboard artwork. Pastel and charcoal are my medium of choice in my large abstracts. I enjoy breaking down places or objects to their basic shapes and shallow forms. I am inspired by Franz Marc, Pablo Picasso and Cézanne. They endeavored to paint multiple views of a thing within the same painting, flattening the picture plane and exaggerating select features. There are also a few artists of today whose work I admire. Line, shape, value and color are evident in my work and are important to me as I aspire to explore the object or place I am drawing.

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Artist Profile June 2019 Ken Tesoriere


Living here in Southern Arizona, several years ago before our current border "situation", I decided to add a new series to my varied painting subjects - Portraits of American Citizens. The focus for this series is the combination of diverse cultures that make up America. Like other painting series that I work in, this one is continually added to. As a painter, making visual imagery in series instead of only singular works enables me to explore deeper into subject matter AND also personal painterly interests at the same time. That occurs by using Abstract, Figurative, or Expressionistic styling, and at times a mixture of them all.

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Artist Profile May 2019 David Jarvinen, The Mosaic Guy

By Karen Bock

I came to the mosaic industry through ceramic tile contracting and a couple of clay artists. Our business was remodeling kitchens and baths with ceramic and glass tile and doing tile jobs most other contractors wouldn’t. This led to a reputation for being creative. During this time, I met a began to work with 2 clay artists that asked me to assist with their school and public mural installations they had created. It was great fun and I volunteered to help. Then, after a year or two of volunteering, I landed a paying gig to cover for one of the artist installers, as they needed to go out of town. That was the beginning. Circa 1998.

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Artist Profile April 2019 Karen Bock

By Karen Bock

I moved to Tucson in 1985 to attend the University of Arizona, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I fell in love with Tucson and the Sonoran desert and never left. I am an avid night sky photographer, taking pictures of the Milky Way galaxy and star trails. I also take pictures of astronomical events like eclipses and meteor showers. I have always been interested in photography, starting out in 35mm film and then converting to digital. My major in college was radio/television with a minor in art.

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Artist Profile March 2019 Eric Black

Submitted by Eric Black

I moved to Tucson 7 years ago. I enjoy doing the silverpoint because no one else does it. I like combining different mediums and seeing what effect I can get from that. Ink is always my base and I go from there. I started doing ink stippling several years ago, on top of the silverpoint. It gives a very soft look and creates more contrast which silverpoint just won't do by itself

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Artist Profile January/February 2019 Sue Betanzos

Submitted by Sue Betanzos

The natural world, literature, and folktales are inspirations for my artworks. My designs, media & materials are often storytelling in design, creating picture poems. As a professional artist, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing colorful animal portrait paintings to nature and animal lovers. My St. Francis with Friends series glass paintings are especially distinct, colorful and separate from the realistic portraits I create.

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Artist Profile December 2018 Diana Madaras

Submitted by Diana Madaras

“December in the Desert” comes alive through the colorful paintbrush of renowned Tucson visual artist, Diana Madaras. "Painting fills me with joy,” says the Madaras, who has won Tucson’s Best Visual Artist nine times. She has owned her own art Gallery in Tucson for nearly 20 years.

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Artist Profile November 2018 Karen R. Smith

Tucson Happenings

Karen Smith has always been a painter. In fact, one of her paintings was placed on the lobby of NYC’s Lever House when she was just a grade schooler. But despite being a fine arts major, it was journalism that captured her heart and how she earned a living. If her name looks familiar, it’s because she’s our Style columnist here at Tucson Happenings!

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Artist Profile October 2018 Artist Profile: Chip Travers

Submitted by Chip Travers

When I was a child growing up in New York, I always knew I would be an artist of some sort. I never was really too good with crayons or water paints but they intrigued me greatly, I guess it was the color in the lines thing, border and limits. When it was time to answer the eternal question all adolescents face “What are you going to be when you grow up?” I panicked. What was I good at? Math? Writing? Sports? Nope... Art, I could draw and create images...the rest is history.

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Artist Profile September 2018 Artist Profile: Carole Higuera-Fisher

Submitted by Carole Higuera-Fisher

Deep roots in Tucson and a passion for our amazing desert surrounding us has contributed to the artist I have become. Both sides of my family have been here for over 130 years and the cultural aspects of that history are subtlety incorporated into my ceramics.

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Artist Profile August 2018 Artist Profile: Bonnie Pisik

Submitted by Bonnie Pisik

After making the move to Tucson in 2014, Pisik decided to expand her artistic endeavors and developed a workshop that teaches this highly original and unusual art form. Back in August of 2014 she presented the concept to several exclusive resorts and country clubs and the “Inspiration Under Glass” workshop was born. Since then, Pisik’s workshop is featured weekly at Miraval Resort & Spa and monthly at La Paloma Country Club, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon and at Skyline Country Club

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Artist Profile June/July 2018 Artist Profile: John Carney

After almost 30 years as a Psychologist, I finally decided to take the advice that I had learned from Professor and Author Joseph Campbell and passed on to countless clients: FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. For me this included retiring early from a much-loved career and successful private practice I shared with my husband, David Usndek, in Chicago, moving to the Southwest and returning to my passion for the Ceramic Arts.

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Artist Profile May 2018 Artist Profile: Thomas Wiewandt

Like most artists, I have blazed a unique trail through life. Mine has always focused on a blend of art with science, and the medium of photography has allowed me to comfortably bring both worlds together. A deeper understanding of all living things has fueled my creative passions; and for me, wild places are holy places.

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Artist Profile April 2018 Artist Profile: John Nieto

For the first time in more than 20 years, John Nieto’s original paintings will be shown in Tucson, AZ on Sunday, April 22. Madaras Gallery is honored to have been selected to host this very special event. The show will include his signature wolves, coyotes and Native American portraits. "I am very excited to have my art on display in Tucson again,” Nieto stated.

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Artist Profile March 2018 Artist Profile: Diana Madaras

All Artist & Small Paintings Show This year, the show features 20 new paintings by Diana Madaras, as well as numerous new pieces by our talented guest artists. Below you can find all of the Madaras artwork displayed in the show. To inquire about a painting, please call the Gallery at 520.615.3001 www.madaras.com. The artists' reception will be on Sunday, March 4th from 11am-2pm. If you'd like to join us, please RSVP by calling (520) 623-4000 or emailing ops@madaras.com. We hope to see you there!

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Artist Profile February 2018 Artist Profile: Catherine Nash

A long time resident of Tucson, Arizona, Catherine Nash is an artist who freely mixes media in her work to express her ideas. Specializing in Japanese and Western hand papermaking, encaustic painting and mixed media drawing, Nash is a teaching artist who balances her studio work with artist-in-resident teaching, lectures and workshops across the United States, as well as in professional studios and universities in eight European countries, Australia and Japan.

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Artist Profile January 2018 Artist Profile: Mary Ellen Palmeri

A gentle enthusiasm twinkles in Mary Ellen Palmeri's eyes as she says, "Every time I fold origami models, it amazes me to watch flat paper transform into three-dimensional shapes that become vivid plants, animals, or human figures with real character traits." Her special joy comes from incorporating origami folds, pop-up card designs, and artists' books with detailed painting and collage techniques.  She calls her unique mixed-media creations "Paper Dream Paintings".  They have filled her days over the past 25 years.  Previously she worked as a professional photographer and a Masters Degree art teacher while raising her two children.

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Artist Profile December 2017 Artist Profile: Leonor Pisano

Leonor Pisano is an award winning international jewelry artist with a passion for copper! Her one-of-a-kind jewelry creations are exquisite, unique, and all hand made. Her work features copper combined with other metals, minerals, and natural materials found in the Sonoran Desert. Her jewelry is artfully assembled into beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other body adornments. She combines copper with silver and brass, and often with surprising touches of turquoise, fresh water pearls, cholla, ironwood and leather. One of the unique features of her metal jewelry is the etching that depicts petroglyphs or original drawings which have been adapted for the etching process.

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Artist Profile November 2017 Artist Profile: Alexandria Winslow

Alexandria Winslow has not lived in Southern Arizona her entire life, but when she arrived in 1982 it was clear to her that the dramatic landscape hit all the high notes of visual beauty she had been longing for as an artist. Her art had always been about nature and wildlife so the Sonoran Desert full of color and drama really appealed to her passion for drawing and painting.

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Artist Profile October 2017 Artist Profile: Cris Hager

My work is related to an ancient art form that was originally developed by the Aztecs, who used silver and gold to emboss their artifacts, decorate their temples, tombs, masks, war tools, create seals and make jewelry. The technique was later used by the Spaniards to adorn their homes, churches, buildings, furniture, dishes and personal items. It was used on anything they wanted to beautify with silver and later on with pewter or lead.

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Artist Profile September 2017 Artist Profile: Celest Michelotti

Inspired by the beauty of the colors and objects in the skies above, Celest Michelotti seeks to find colored gems, and golden and silvery textures that evoke the natural beauty of the cosmos in her jewelry, bringing you a piece of the sky for your adornment. Although a classically trained pianist, the metal “in her genes” demanded expression—her grandfather, father, and brother have all worked with metals in a diversity of fields

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Artist Profile August 2017 Artist Profile: Darlene LeClair

It is obvious from her large striking and colorful paintings, that Darlene LeClair lives in the Sonoran Desert. Her paintings are eye-catching whether they are of one cactus flower, a prickly pear plant full of fruit, or a broader view of desert saguaro’s rising up in front of distant mountains. Darlene not only depicts the plants of the desert, she also paints scenes of houses, missions, and backyards typically found in the Southwestern United States.

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Artist Profile July 2017 Artist Profile: Wanita Christensen

One of Wanita's earliest memories was of a prized box of watercolors. She was heartbroken when her younger siblings played with the colors and got them "dirty." With such a passion for color at such an early age, art was destined to be an integral part of her life. When she was 12, her mother enrolled her in art classes and she was off on a life-long journey of creativity.Wanita branched out to several art forms…lapidary art, jewelry making, oil and watercolor painting. Eventually, the lure of the brush and a palette of fresh oil paint triumphed over them all, and has resulted in exquisitely executed oil paintings of garden iris and the plants and flowers of the Sonoran desert.

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Artist Profile June 2017 Artist Profile: Denyse Fenelon

It is her wonderful use of color that strikes the viewer in Denyse’s oil paintings of Tucson’s historic architecture and the surrounding desert. Unlike plein air artists who concentrate primarily on views of the desert, Denyse’s focus is on the homes and doorways in Tucson’s traditional neighborhoods, and in the downtown Tucson Barrio. Her dramatic use of color produces patterns of bright purple shadows and mountains that glow orange in the sunset. The pattern and interplay between light and shadows is something that interests her most. Her unique style gives viewers a fresh new look at scenery and buildings that might otherwise seem ordinary.

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Artist Profile May 2017 Artist Profile: Paddie Flaherty Acrylic Artist

When you view a Paddie Flaherty painting, you will receive the gift of bright and vibrant colors, for these are what speak happiness to this artist. Turquoises, Greens, Violets, Peaches and Rusts are high on her list of favorites. The subjects that speak to her with the most enthusiasm are florals, animals and scenes that speak of Native American Cultures. She can make a dynamite painting of a piece of pottery or a pair of moccasins.

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Artist Profile April 2017 Artist Profile: Ken Tesoriere

Over the past decades, I've been fortunate to receive awards and important nominations for my writing and painting. That helped support me financially but rarely helped when facing the next blank page or canvas. A steady focus on the work did, and continual experimenting along with rigorous honesty about the results. I'm also fortunate that I never "have to" retire from this work or surrender learning as a constant companion.

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Artist Profile March 2017 Artist Profile: Meet Judith Probst, Watercolorist

Should you feel that a degree in Astrophysics would impede the development of a very artistic journey, you should meet Judith Probst. She received her BS in Astrophysics from Indiana University and worked in Astronomy Departments at Indiana U. and later at the U. of Virginia. However, her constant doodling in the margins of her notebooks (mostly small portraits of her classmates) caused her to rethink. Post Graduate studies in Studio Art (with Richard Crozier at U. of Virginia) led her from science to art. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at San Jose State University in California, and dove with delight into the world of Watercolors, Acrylics and teaching.

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Artist Profile February 2017 Artist Profile: Regina Lord

Submitted by Regina Lord

Regina Lord was born and raised in northern Arizona and has lived in Arizona for most of her life. She has been living in Tucson, AZ with her husband and two boys for over 10 years. She was very interested in art at a young age and was encouraged to be creative by her loving grandparents. Regina studied art throughout her school years along with studying to become a registered nurse and received her Bachelors in the Science of Nursing from Northern Arizona University in 1999, working as a pediatric, mother baby nurse and lactation consultant for 13 years. She left her nursing career in 2012, to pursue her creative dreams of being a full time artist and now spends most of her time making art and playing with paints and other interesting mediums.

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Artist Profile January 2017 Artist Profile: Kathy Robbins, Watercolorist

By Gretchen Huff

Kathy Robbins has an artist’s heart. Born to an artist mother, she was continually encouraged and inspired from infancy on. She remembers that an important part of her early childhood was spent sitting at her Dad’s big desk and drawing. Kathy would draw girls and boys dressed in her concept of the costumes they would wear in their countries of origin. By the time she entered grade school, her art abilities had developed to the extent that her classmates would copy her in art classes.

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Artist Profile December 2016 Artist Profile: Chris Bubany

Submitted by the artist.

Each of my ceramic pieces are hand painted in my studio, here in Tucson, Arizona. I grew up in the Southwest where the brilliant colors and designs influence all my art. You'll find hummingbirds, wildflowers, quail, desert scenes and more - all designed to help you Celebrate the Everyday!

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Artist Profile November 2016 Artist Profile: Jack Bybee
– Southwest Impressionist

By Alexandria Winslow

Accessing the energy of the desert, which reminds me of my native Africa, South Africa in particular, I think of myself as a 2-D artist resident in Tucson, and enjoying creating in oil, ink, and pastel – encaustic as a medium still on the horizon. I am convinced that a marvelous occurrence back in 1972, as I was trying to escape apartheid, plays a large role in my creations – that being a near-death experience. My ability to follow creative vibrations serves my images well.

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Artist Profile October 2016 Artist Profile: The Art and Imagination of Pamela D. Howe

By Alexandria Winslow

As many artists before her she was creatively inclined from her youth. I had to laugh when she told me that her mother would tell her to Go paint a picture when she would sing. Apparently it was good advice and Pamela was soon hooked."

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Artist Profile September 2016 Artist Profile: Gretchen Huff

Submitted by the artist

Gretchen Huff began her life in Bloomington, IL, moving to Tucson in 1956 to teach school Her Tucson home has a tiny studio, a view of the Catalina Mountains, and a wash stretching behind her home that is labeled a “Wildlife Corridor” (close to the beautiful Sabino Canyon). It is therefore no wonder she has fallen in love with the desert’s “wild folk” that inspire so many of her paintings. She paints from photographs—mostly her own or the occasional one that a friend contributes. Her chosen media is watercolor with which she can do soft glazing to capture depth and light.

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Artist Profile August 2016 Artist Profile: Alexandria Winslow

Submitted by the artist

Her paintings focus on the moment you feel the wow factor of the scenery, with an emphasis on using bright color to bring the onlooker into her experience. Alexandria’s paintings have been described by many of her collectors as having a feeling of great movement with a contemporary edge. She chooses to paint very purposefully and confidently in what she calls a high definition style. Emphasizing the natural contrasts in the landscape she plays with the dramatic lights and darks you find in the southwest. Her medium of choice is acrylic and most often on gallery wrap canvas that does not need frames.

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Artist Profile July 2016 Artist Profile: Terry Slonaker, Master of Clay

By Alexandria Winslow

When you walk into Terry Slonaker’s studio it is immediately evident that this is where the magic happens. As I took the tour with Terry as my guide, I began to piece together the picture of an artist who has had a love affair with art his entire life. There on tables were lovely sculptures in progress and peeking out of the kiln was a family of exquisite figures just waiting to become masterpieces.

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Artist Profile June 2016 Artist Profile: Dikki Van Helsland-Batik

Submitted by the artist

Dikki Van Helsland has a great love of nature and it shows in her beautifully rendered artwork. She is a batik artist who uses this ancient technique to bring to life the desert animals and landscape that she loves. Batik, with its distinctive crackle pattern, is the art of creating images on fine cotton cloth using dye and melted wax as a resist.

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Artist Profile May 2016 Artist Profile: Mark Daniels

By Jane Hamilton

The beautiful impressionistic landscapes by Tucson artist Mark Daniels have brought the desert alive to many visitors, residents and art collectors alike.
Mark spent his youth traveling with his family and being rerouted across North Africa and England where his father was frequently sent as a petroleum engineer. This time abroad exposed Mark to many cultures and the great music and museums of Europe.

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Artist Profile April 2016 Artist Profile: Ric Nielsen

By Ric Nielsen

Combining his love of nature, his fascination with winged insects and his innate gift as a commercial artist, Ric Nielsen has created a one-of-a-kind art exhibit now showing at the Ranch House Art Gallery at Agua Caliente Park.*

* as of publication date April 2016

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Artist Profile March 2016 Artist Profile: Santos Barbosa

Submitted by Jane Hamilton

The Friends Of Western Art - Artist Of The Year for 2017 is the self taught artist of historic western paintings Santos Barbosa. This honor and recognition comes after a lifetime of dedication to his mastery of art.

Santos Barbosa was born in Mc Allen, Texas a small town on the border of Mexico. He has always drawn people and places, and while serving a 2 year stint in the US Army, he spent spare time creating renderings of his fellow Army buddies and their sweethearts.

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Artist Profile February 2016 Artist Profile: Bill Moomey

Submitted by Bill Moomey

Bill Moomey was born and raised in Nebraska during the infamous Dust Bowl era. During those pre-TV, computer, and cell phone years, most of the after-school activities centered on sports. Today, Moomey works in a style ranging from realism to contemporary impressionism and lets the subject determine the style. He says, the more intense the subject becomes, the bigger the brushes and the broader the strokes.

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Artist Profile January 2016 Artist Profile: Joe Bourne

By Christy Krueger

Joe Bourne: Visual Artist and Vocalist of Jazz, Blues and Pop

While Joe Bourne was performing on the German cruise ship MS Europa as it sailed between Manaus, Brazil and Cape Town, South Africa, Joe was bit by the painting bug after attending a class in watercolors. Since then, he has attended several artists' workshops and created many paintings in watercolors, acrylics and encaustics - a painting style that uses hot beeswax and resin.

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Artist Profile December 2015 Artist Profile: Bonnie Pryor

Submitted by Bonnie Pryor

Bonnie Pryor is a Tucson-based jewelry artist who creates handcrafted Sterling silver chain maille jewelry under the name Joya Bonita. She loves jewelry that has a clean, classic style and works to create pieces that embody both a simplicity and elegance of design.

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Artist Profile November 2015 Artist Profile: Paul Pryor

Submitted by Paul Pryor

Paul Pryor is a Tucson-based landscape photographer who specializes in producing large format giclee prints on canvas. His primary area of interest is capturing dramatic images of the incredible natural landscapes found across the southwestern U.S., as well as many of the national parks and monuments, and other areas of untouched beauty found throughout the west.

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Artist Profile October 2015 Artist Profile: Lisa Mishler

Submitted by Lisa Mishler

The Book: L’Chayim – To Life: Memoirs of a Survivor of a Nazi Ghetto Inspired by stories in her father's book, artist Lisa Mishler has created powerful artwork that expresses her father Sol's story about surviving the Holocaust and has used all this to create a memorable book. The story is about love, war, and heroism. Through artwork, prose, and memoirs, their story is told. Luba and Sol, two remarkable people, endured the unimaginable and survived against all odds to be able to create a new beginning in the United States. Rabbi Stephanie Aaron was inspired by the moving imagery to create her heartfelt writings. The combination of imagery, literature, and the actual excerpts from Sol's memoirs leave you with an experience that will stay with you.

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Artist Profile September 2015 Artist Profile: Nancy Bautzmann

Submitted by Nancy Bautzmann

"Extreme realism describes my art," explains Nancy Bautzmann O.P.A. "My technique is in remembrance of the old masters, with a transparent underpainting and opaque overpainting." Her subject matter is taken from her life and surroundings. Since Nancy spent a large part of her childhood in England, the teatime was an important part of her life. Those memories return over and over in her many still life depictions of the English tea settings. "They call me the tea lady," Nancy says of her art students. "I love to drink it, I collect teapots and tea cups, and I love to paint them."

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Artist Profile August 2015 Artist Profile: Bonnie Pisik

Submitted by Bonnie Pisik

After making the move to Tucson in 2014, Pisik decided to expand her artistic endeavors and developed a workshop that teaches this highly original and unusual art form. Back in August of 2014 she presented the concept to several exclusive resorts and country clubs and the “Inspiration Under Glass” workshop was born. Since then, Pisik’s workshop is featured weekly at Miraval Resort & Spa and monthly at La Paloma Country Club, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon and at Skyline Country Club

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Artist Profile July 2015 Artist Profile: Jeff “Pinkeye” Storey

Submitted on handwritten notes by Jeff “Pinkeye” Storey

My sculptures grow out of 45 years of silversmithing rings, bracelets, and the usual jewelry line that all silversmiths start with. To be recognized in the jewelry world, like anything else, you had to build things that had never been seen. This was in the 1970s, so new ideas weren't as hard to come up with as it is today. I was of that time, the time of Hula-Hoops, Pet Rocks, Skate Boards, Rotary Phones, station wagons and even black and white TV’s were just coming about. So my designs in jewelry were some of the first.

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Artist Profile June 2015 Artist Profile:
Ken Tesoriere and Mary Ellen Palmeri

By Liam Lai-Fu

Twenty-one years ago Ken Tesoriere and Mary Ellen Palmeri founded Lyric Arts to promote their various arts. Their work includes painting as well as origami (paper folding), pop-up books and artist's books made by using collage, paint, drawing and hand embossing. They also bring Masters Degrees and decades of experience to teaching art workshops and moderating Lyric Arts Folding Fest, a free monthly local origami club that explores all aspects of paper folding. Both native New Yorkers, in 1994 they moved back from Europe to Tucson, for the pure quality of light, open spaces, and the many other special qualities of living in the Southwest.

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Artist Profile May 2015 Artist Profile: Laurie Brussel

Submitted by Laurie Brussel

Today, I paint basically whatever moves me. If there is a special light on the mountains, or I see dramatic shadows formed from an adobe structure, I want to capture it in a painting. Sometimes I long for the water and the smell of the ocean so I will paint a beach scene. I like to create scenes that are tranquil, where the viewer can escape and relax. I often have an open gate or a pathway to draw the viewer into the scene. I don’t put people into my paintings because then the scene will belong to the figures and not the person enjoying my painting. 

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