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Artist Profile February 2020: Cary Mummé

I was quite taken with the gourds. I was sure there was something creative that could be done with them. Several months later I saw a notice for a one-day workshop being offered to make a gourd vase. During the class I learned that there's a waxy layer on the gourd so the shell must be washed and scrubbed with a wire pad to remove this layer. Removing the waxy layer allows the gourd skin to hold the dyes and enables the use of a wood burner or rotary burring tool to apply a design. In the class I learned about rotary tools, tool bits, micro-saws and super-hot wood burners. I also got to experiment with a variety of paints, stains and dyes. The best part was that I went home with a vase that I was really pleased with.

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Tucson Happenings is devoted to our local artists and have been publishing monthly artist profiles for years. This page will list many artists that have profiled since we went digital in May of 2015.

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  Origami February 2020 Origami Page: The Haori

By Mary Ellen Palmeri

My origami haori is based on a traditional origami kimono fold, but kimonos are full-length garments and this model is short due to the proportion of dollar bills, so I decided to make a haori instead. I developed the folds for this model using a single dollar bill so when using other bills or colored papers, first fold a dollar bill to use as a template for different models.

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  Fashion February 2020 Fashion: Cargo Pants for Everyone

By Karen R. Smith

The centerpiece of this paramilitary trend are none other than cargo pants, this year for both genders and all ages. www.clothingarts.com might be credited with starting this trend several years back, with their line of secure travel apparel. Their cargo pants thwart pick pockets, and are described as gear masquerading as pants. Right now, men and women can receive a 15% discount on their order by registering for email sale announcements.

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Showdown in Tucson Running January 9 - March 29, 2020
In the 1880s, life is peaceful in the sleepy frontier town of Tucson, Arizona. That is until a gang of cattle ruffians arrive looking to take over. Territorial Marshal, Brett Masters, is determined to keep the peace, but will he be able to stop a "Showdown in Tucson?" Strap on your boots, put on your cowboy hat, and come join the fun! *Starring Gaslight favorite, Armen Dirtadian! www.thegaslighttheatre.com 

Most Friday and Saturday Nights Take a full three course table-served fine dining experience; combine it with a classic, hilarious 3-act, interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Whodunit; throw in the setting of an award winning Magic Performance and be prepared for one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime.

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February 2020 Cover By Gretchen Huff

"Checkin Out the Colors"

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