October Already!

By Karen R. Smith


Are you as surprised as I am that October has arrived? Maybe it’s because it was 102 one day and 73 the next...without the chance to acclimate as the temperatures got lower, it all seemed like a surprise. Even the dog looked confused.

With October here, Halloween is getting closer by the day. This year, let’s help children with special needs have a Halloween to remember!!!


Before another day passes, please take a moment and visit weendream.org and help a less fortunate child to get a costume to wear this Halloween.

You can donate to weendream in the traditional sense of monetary support (via PayPal) or by sending the group your kids’ outgrown costumes, or by sponsoring a child who needs a costume this year. Weendream’s mission is to provide free Halloween costumes to children in need across America.


The parents of special needs kids understood what their kids wanted for Halloween -- and started making costumes designed for those children in wheelchairs. Four years later, they have helped nearly 200 kids have a magical experience. With a waiting list nearly double that number, they need our help!

You can donate (via PayPal) or by sending a check, and if you are an ebay vendor, you can incorporate this charity into your sales. One look at their creations -- and the smiles on the kids’ faces -- will tell you everything you need to know.


Target has a full line of adaptive costume wheelchair covers this year! The Princess Carriage is lavender, silver and fabulous (and there is a wonderful adaptive Princess dress too...just saying...and an absolutely wonderful unicorn … and a plush shark). Target’s entire line of adaptive Halloween costumes and accessories work with standard wheelchairs and are adjustable (instructions are included for cutting pieces to fit smaller equipment) and secured by hook and loop tape. Regularly $45, the adaptive Pirate Ship is on sale right now for $31.50 at Target.com.


Order now, and shipping is free...or just sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your future purchase. Winged tie fighters, tanks, or the claw from Toy Story are just a few of the creative

costumes here, all of which are designed to easily mount on children’s wheelchairs and to conceal most harnesses. And you can design your own costume on their website!

Mascara Magic

No matter what you and your kids end up wearing for Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, there’s bound to be makeup. Did you know your old used mascara wands can help Appalachian wildlife??

Instead of ending up in the local landfill, your discarded mascara wands will be used to remove oil, parasites, infections and other contaminants from rescued wildlife throughout Appalachia.

Clean the wand with Dawn dishwashing liquid. When it’s dry, mail it to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776.

And speaking of Dia De Los Muertos...The Procession of LIttle Angels, Children’s Altar and Personal Altars Vigil will be held from 3 until 7 PM on Saturday, November 2nd at Armory Park.

The All Souls Procession and Finale Ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 4. People will begin to gather at 4 PM, the procession starts walking at 6 PM. For complete information, visit the website www.allsoulsprocession.org.

About the Author:
Karen R. Smith is an award-winning journalist and publicist. Her book, "Stylishly Sexy" is available online and she takes private style clients throughout Arizona and across the country. Visit her at www.stylesmithtransformations.com