September Styles... July Temperatures!

By Karen R. Smith


Most of us grew up elsewhere, where Fall is an actual season and involves temperatures dropping, leaves turning colors other than green and sweaters and jackets getting used once the sun goes down.

Well, this isn’t Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Here in Tucson, Fall is pretty much like Summer, continued. It’s still 100 degrees, the sun is shining, the leaves all look the same as they did last month, and about the only seasonal marker is the ripening of the fruits on our prickly pear cacti!

Yet the Fall state of mind has consequences. The pastel gauze that looked right in July seems a bit off, somehow, after Labor Day Weekend. Looking around the crowd at Monterey Court last week, more folks were wearing navy and black than white and yellow. I noticed the same thing at Crooked Tooth Brewery during a visit there. I think there is a mental Autumn for most Tucsonans and fashion follows its dictates.

Back to School

If you’ve got kids, they are back in school, but it’s far too hot to send them in anything the department stores are currently promoting. Buffalo checked flannels and tie-dyed hoodies will be marvelous come January. Right now, your kids need to be dressed for the climate, and it’s still all kinds of hot around here.

This is the ideal season for thrift store shopping to fill the gaps in your kids’ wardrobes. They will not be the same size next year --- so the clothes you’re purchasing are going to be used for the next couple of months and never fit again. Two months or so of hot temperatures lie ahead; how much do you want to invest in that time frame?

Sweet Repeats is a children’s resale boutique in Oro Valley, but they actually carry much, much more. Maternity clothes, baby furniture and shoes are part of the ever-changing selection. The folks who own this jewel of a shop (located at Oracle & Magee in the Trader Joe’s shopping center) offer cash for your kids’ gently used clothes and equipment, or 30% as a trade=in.

Twice as Nice

This Tucson treasure (they also have a shop in Phoenix!) has two locations and both are chockfull of kids clothes in sizes from newborn to teens. On the eastside, they are on Broadway between Kolb and Prudence; on the northwest side, at Ina and Old Father Roads.

Since Twice as Nice carries mens and womens clothes and accessories as well, you are bound to find something terrific for yourself when you replenish your kids’ tees and shorts!

Broadway Babies

Right next to See’s Candies on East Broadway near Park Mall, this sweet shop has all things baby, gently used. They also will rent you a crib if you have a grandbaby visiting this winter!

If you head north there’s more!

Once Upon A Child is opening a store in Chandler. If you head there, drive into Phoenix proper for more kids’ resale shops -- HissyFits, Poor Little Rich Girl, Baby Bloomers, Love Child Style, Budget Baby Children’s Resale, Kid to Kid and Sweet Pea Baby Rentals are all due north of us. Find a buddy and plan an adventure!

Worth noting that if you’re trying to stick to a budget, children’s clothes are 99 cents each at Goodwill of Southern Arizona stores, and once a month they have a half-price Saturday. You can find their sales on their Facebook page.

If you buy your kids’ Fall clothes at any of these shops, the savings will get you halfway toward finishing your Christmas shopping!!! Remember, a penny saved is a penny you can spend elsewhere!!!

About the Author:
Karen R. Smith is an award-winning journalist and publicist. Her book, "Stylishly Sexy" is available online and she takes private style clients throughout Arizona and across the country. Visit her at