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Artist Profile March 2019 Eric Black

Submitted by Eric Black

I moved to Tucson 7 years ago. I enjoy doing the silverpoint because no one else does it. I like combining different mediums and seeing what effect I can get from that. Ink is always my base and I go from there. I started doing ink stippling several years ago, on top of the silverpoint. It gives a very soft look and creates more contrast which silverpoint just won't do by itself

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Tucson Happenings is devoted to our local artists and have been publishing monthly artist profiles for years. This page will list many artists that have profiled since we went digital in May of 2015.

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  Origami March 2019 Origami Page: Letterfold Envelope

By Mary Ellen Palmeri

I enjoy making and using origami envelopes and letter-folds, of which there are many!  This one-piece model is a favorite of mine, and so simple to fold!  It's fun to find colorful paper designs for this model, and people enjoy receiving this unique hand-made envelope-letter.  The diagram shows how you can adapt this envelope fold to also hold a card, photo or other flat enclosures.

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  Fashion February 2019 Fashion: Gifts of Love

By Karen R. Smith

With the holidays behind us and temperatures keeping us in sweaters and Polar Fleece, the best way to enjoy these cold days is to get ready for Valentines Day! We can all use a little more love in our lives, and finding a way to share it with a stylish gift will add sunshine to your day!

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Showdown in Tucson Running January 9 - March 29, 2020
In the 1880s, life is peaceful in the sleepy frontier town of Tucson, Arizona. That is until a gang of cattle ruffians arrive looking to take over. Territorial Marshal, Brett Masters, is determined to keep the peace, but will he be able to stop a "Showdown in Tucson?" Strap on your boots, put on your cowboy hat, and come join the fun! *Starring Gaslight favorite, Armen Dirtadian! www.thegaslighttheatre.com 

Most Friday and Saturday Nights Take a full three course table-served fine dining experience; combine it with a classic, hilarious 3-act, interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Whodunit; throw in the setting of an award winning Magic Performance and be prepared for one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime.

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March 2019 Cover: "Return of the King" Pen and ink on watercolor board
by Eric Black

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