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Artist Profile November 2018 Karen R. Smith

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Karen Smith has always been a painter. In fact, one of her paintings was placed on the lobby of NYC’s Lever House when she was just a grade schooler. But despite being a fine arts major, it was journalism that captured her heart and how she earned a living. If her name looks familiar, it’s because she’s our Style columnist here at Tucson Happenings!

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Tucson Happenings is devoted to our local artists and have been publishing monthly artist profiles for years. This page will list many artists that have profiled since we went digital in May of 2015.

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  Tucson360 Introducing Tucson360

Tucson Happenings

Welcome to Tucson360! This new section of Tucson Happenings is a place for a unique perspective of the desert southwest. We will post 360° videos of area attractions and places of interest. The videos can be viewed on our website or for more options, viewed on YouTube where you can increase the resolution of to 5K. Once the video begins, you can look around by clicking and holding on the screen. Look up, down, left or right. For the best results, watch in full screen at full 5.2K by clicking the YouTube link embedded in the video. No, it's not just Farmer's Markets, we'll have lots of variety of great places. This is just where we started. (grin)

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  Origami November 2018 Origami Page: Shirt with Open Front

By Mary Ellen Palmeri

I’ve enjoyed folding and creating origami clothes for quite some time, and this little shirt with an open front is one of my own designs. It is made from a 1:2 rectangle, which is easily made by cutting a square in half. I wanted a variation from the standard origami tops that usually have solid fronts. This model can be modified to become an over-blouse by sliding a piece of colored paper under the flaps to represent perhaps a shell underneath. It is also easy to slide the waist of a skirt or pants under the front flaps.

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  Fashion November 2018 Fashion: Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Well-Dressed Man

By Karen R. Smith

I was raised in New York City, which is probably why I prefer men in suits...which is a rare sight in Tucson! While men’s clothes abound at most of our local retailers, large men regularly ask me for help. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

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Back to the Past Running April 4th – June 2nd, 2019
It's the 1980s and happy-go-lucky teenager, Mikey MacFry, gets mixed up in the crack-pot experiments of his good friend Doc Everett Crown/Using Doc's futuristic car, which he has turned into a time machine, they blast off for the rockin’ 1950s! Join this time-traveling, musical comedy as The Gaslight Theatre goes "Back to the Past!"!The Gaslight Theatre 7010 E. Broadway Blvd. 886-9428 www.TheGaslightTheatre.com 

Some Friday and Saturday Nights Take a full three course table-served fine dining experience; combine it with a classic, hilarious 3-act, interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Whodunit; throw in the setting of an award winning Magic Performance and be prepared for one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Saturdays, 4-7 PM Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance and Tucson Premium Outlets present a series of free, family-friendly concerts! Enjoy the sounds of some of Southern Arizona's finest local musician's at Tucson Premium Outlets. The signature free concert series, held every Saturday evening, will feature a variety of weekly performances from local musicians and bands.

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November 2018 Cover:
by Karen R. Smith

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