Arizona Paranormal:
     Arizona paranormal meets the busy season?

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen


I want to start by apologizing to all my readers. I know my articles probably seem shorter right now and that is because they are. I have entered my busy season before normal schedule due to the book I am writing, and have a ton of things going on right now preparing for October.

Every weekend is booked from now till the middle of November!

We are doing a lot of investigating right now and then in October a bunch of special events! Some events we have never done before like Acadia Ranch and Gleeson, AZ.

Acadia is in Oracle, the old TB hospital where the nurse and patients are known to still be. One for some reason decided to make me cough non-stop and I had to leave the building. We are doing 2 events there and possibly more. The one is for National Ghost Hunting day on Sept 29 and the other one for Oct 20.

Gleeson is an interesting small town that we went out to. It’s just passed Tombstone and a lot of the buildings are in rumble but there is activity in different areas. We investigated the old jail and several other areas and received a couple really good EVPs, one of which a Spirit is saying “hey” to us. One man has bought a couple of the buildings just so they wouldn’t get torn down and he’s trying to preserve them. On Oct 13 we are going to take 13 people by van out there to here the history and investigate the area. Both Acadia and Gleeson part of the ticket sales will be donated to help the property be maintained.

We are also working with Borderlands Brewery on Oct 27 and Fox theater on Oct 30. Both places have so much activity and we have investigated a couple of times, in fact, we are going back to Fox soon to hold another investigation; maybe we will see the shadow again or young girl.

We are also still doing our radio show and have a special iHeartRadio gig that deals with Old Tucson but that’s about all we can say with that.

Then I am still trying to get my book done which is due in January. So things have been very hectic but in a wonderful way. Please just bear with me for a couple of months with shorter articles and then once I have time to breathe again I will be able to focus on writing more and sharing so many stories with you all.

Until you hear from me next month—remember you are never truly alone!


About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Radio host of Mysteries Explained
every Thursday from 8-10 Eastern time

Owner of Tucson Ghost Company, LLC
(Tucson Ghost Tour, Tucson Ghost Experience, special events & more)

Founder/lead investigator of Tucson Ghost Society
(Free paranormal investigations)

Writer of Arizona Paranormal for Tucson Happenings

Author of an upcoming book “Haunted Tucson” due in stores in Oct 2019

(520) 373-5387

Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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