Arizona Paranormal:
     So much to write about

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Every month I have to stop and think “what should I cover this month?” Sometimes I run into what people would call writer's block. This isn’t because I have nothing to write about, it’s because there is so much that needs to be said about this field, so many places I have investigated, so many things I have going on, etc; that I don’t know what to focus on.

Lately, I am getting together information for my book that I am writing so I am learning more history and investigating more businesses! I have had the pleasure of investigating Colossal Cave and Old Tucson Studios. I am working with companies like Slaughterhouse again and trying to plan things Borderlands Brewery. I am interviewing people for the book, meeting with businesses, and re-visiting places so the photographer can get the images needed, like this past week having to go into the Museum of the Horse Soldier to get the pictures.

During all of this we are still doing guest speaking, we are lining up guests for our radio program, we are trying to get some events going, and we are still running tours and doing residential cases. So yes a busy schedule (Which I am thankful for), but so to say It’s not a writer's block on what to write about; it’s a writer's block on what should I write about.

There are so many wonderful haunted locations, so many great people we work with, and so many stories that I just sometimes can’t choose. Plus there are so many things misunderstand about the paranormal that I feel compelled to set straight so to say.

Right now we are training new members and it just reminds me how TV sets off a different tone so to say about this field. We can’t assume everything is paranormal and we know for sure it’s not all evil! We have to treat it with respect, know how the equipment works, and really try to debunk instead of assuming. More and more lately I talk about there needing to be some general code/rules to this field cause basically anyone can do it, or at least say they are an investigator with no real training other than watching a TV show. It seems like the people in this field are all agreeing that it’s attracting some not so great people lately and maybe soon we will have some general rules for this field. Today I want to address what I feel those general rules would be.

  1. You never charge a client. How can you charge someone for something that isn’t guaranteed? We can’t promise we can “find ghost” or get rid of them; we can just try to find answers and give advice on what has worked for us so far.
  2. You have to do research and evidence review. You can’t just go and “ghost hunt”; if you want to do that then go to events and tours—don’t form a group!
  3. You treat the people, property, and spirits with respect! Bottom line!
  4. Don’t cause an uproar and then leave your mess behind for the clients or business to deal with—also don’t freak out the client! This all basically goes back to the respect, but you want to leave things as calm as you can and make sure to thanks the clients and the spirits for their time.
  5. Don’t leave a mess! Clean up after yourselves!! This is simple but often overlooked.
  6. Learn your equipment! Whatever equipment you’re going to use; learn how it works. Learn what sets it off, the downfalls to it, and truly know what it does. Every piece of equipment will have a downfall and false results if you do not know how it works you won’t be able to tell the false results from the true results.
  7. Debunk debunk debunk! Don’t call everything paranormal cause then you make this field even worse; we already have skeptics. We don’t need a team to call everything a ghost and these skeptics being able to prove it. Don’t get us wrong, we know skeptics will try to disprove all we do but if we at least have really good evidence it makes this field look better than calling dust an orb type deal!
  8. This is a serious field; things can happen so study! Don’t always joke around but also have fun. Read books, talk to other teams, share ideas etc but realize there are no experts and we are all doing this based on theories so be willing to collaborate, be respectful to those other teams and work together to find the answers.

These are some things I feel need to be in place, there is probably more but again there is always so much more to this field.

Next month I will cover one of our newer investigations and what we experienced, but until then remember you are truly never alone!

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Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

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Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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