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Mary Ellen Palmeri

Welcome to our monthly "Origami Page". Origami is folding paper and ending up with delightful figures and models, such as flowers, boxes and animals. This feature will showcase a different origami model in each monthly issue, with diagrams and photos to help readers learn how to fold them. Most models use one square of paper, some use a rectangle, and others use more than one piece of paper.



Not only are origami boxes and containers fun to fold, but they can be useful as well! This model is folded from a sheet of rectangular paper rather than the usual origami square. Standard 8.5 x 11" computer paper works well, and results in a container about 3" tall and 2.5" wide.

I often use this model to hold paper flowers, which makes a good gift of cheer to present to friends or family. Sometimes I've filled the container with wrapped candies to share at an origami meeting. If you fold this container from heavier paper stock it can be used to hold pencils, especially if you use something to weight the bottom. Small florist pebbles or glass stones can be used for added weight.

A good way to personalize your container is by drawing or coloring on the paper; this can be done before folding the paper and creating all-over patterns, or you can add designs after folding while flat before opening into a 3-D form. Also, try using decorative papers to fold for a different appearance. Note that if one side is white or a different color, you do see both sides on a finished model.

Let me know if you find other uses for this origami container!

Happy Folding!

Origami Page
Origami Page

Origami originated in ancient Asian cultures and has been adapted by contemporary artists worldwide to reflect their own cultures. Local artist Mary Ellen Palmeri has incorporated paper folding into many of her mixed media art paintings, and teaches origami classes locally and nationally. Some of her work can be seen in a Tucson Happenings feature here: Artist_Profile

All of her Paper Dream Paintings can be seen in her Etsy shop where custom matted art prints of her original work can be purchased.   Go to: www.etsy.com/shop/LyricFineArts

Ms. Palmeri's original origami models have been published in books and magazines, she has been featured on broadcast media, and her mixed-media fine art works often include various original origami models. Origami LAFF (Lyric Arts Folding Fest) is a Tucson based club founded by Ms. Palmeri to provide a venue for sharing this art. The group meets monthly at a local library; for more details please contact the artist at info@lyric-arts.com

Origami Page

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Origami Page
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Origami Page
Origami Page