Arizona Paranormal:
     Acadia Ranch

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Just outside of Tucson is a town called Oracle and in this town is an old house that has been a hospital, house, and so many things; but it is now a museum. This place is called Acadia Ranch. My team got the chance to investigate this building and we can’t wait to go back!

Arizona Paranormal

We didn’t have a ton of interaction on scene, meaning we didn’t feel anything or see anything, but we did hear some things and received a ton of EVPs. My husband heard footsteps, I heard weird sounds that weren’t from animals or humans, we used the spirit box and received many different voices, the kid screaming was quite loud. My name was called a couple of times and I did get a lot of cold spots around me, granted it was cold but even in front of the heater I was still getting cold spots near me.

When we reviewed our EVPs session by the time we were finished my co-lead ended up typing up a huge report. We captured a ton of voices from this place. We had heard that people have been touched there, had doors close on them, and have seen things there. We hope when we go back to experience some of these things. When we go into buildings like these with all this history, you have to stop and soak it in.

Arizona Paranormal

I often think “if these walls could talk”, can you imagine all that has happened in those walls, all the changes that have taken place, all the history the building holds. I not only like to investigate for paranormal activity but I love to soak up the history of these old historical buildings. The building isn’t huge but it is beautiful and has not only the history but the Haunts! I would recommend you all take a trip to Oracle and check out this historic building, not only will you learn about some of the history in the area but you may meet one of their permanent residents!

One of the many reasons to remember that you are never truly alone!

About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

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Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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