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     Diana Madaras

All Artist & Small Paintings Show

This year, the show features 20 new paintings by Diana Madaras, as well as numerous new pieces by our talented guest artists.

Below you can find all of the Madaras artwork displayed in the show. To inquire about a painting, please call the Gallery at 520.615.3001

The artists' reception will be on Sunday, March 4th from 11am-2pm. If you'd like to join us, please RSVP by calling (520) 623-4000 or emailing We hope to see you there!


Blue Bird | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Blue Bird
Original Watercolor/Pastel

If you’ve followed my work, you know I love birds. I realized a few years ago that this devotion stemmed from childhood when I cared for the wild animals dropped off at my dad’s veterinary hospital. Often the birds died which caused much heartache, but in painting them now, I can give them eternal life.

Image Size: 6 x 6"   |   Framed Size: 13 x 13"   |   Price: $950

Chickadee | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Original Watercolor

I’ve take many photos of birds at my mom’s feeder in New Jersey for painting reference. The little chickadees were always one of Mom’s favorites.

Image Size: 7 x 7"   |   Framed Size: 14.5 x 14.5"   |   Price: $850

Coyot | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Original Watercolor

A pack of coyotes roam the wash behind my house. Despite the fact that they howl during the night and it sends my dogs into hysterics, I am still thrilled any time I catch a glimpse of an animal in the wild. This coyote stood in the driveway and posed for a photo.

Image Size: 7 x 7"   |   Framed Size: 14 x 14"   |   Price: $950

Cranmoor Cove | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Cranmoor Cove
Original Watercolor

During our annual trek home to visit family in New Jersey, we surveyed the devastation still evident from hurricane Sandy. I came upon this vacant lot where once stood a beautiful home, and looked across the river to the cove near my mom’s house. The eerie foggy morning and first rays of light made for a beautiful scene to paint.

Image Size: 7 x 10"   |   Framed Size: 19 x 22"   |   Price: $950

Kathy's Friends | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Kathy's Friends
Original Watercolor

For almost a year, our Gallery Director Kathy Ramirez implored me to paint the birds who live in the saguaro just outside the front door at the Gallery. Last spring, she vigilantly watched over the baby Gila woodpeckers who were born in the saguaro “condominium.” Each morning, she’d wring her hands like a nervous new mother hoping they had not fallen from the nest during the night. This image will be a holiday card this season called “From our House to Yours.”

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 17.5 x 20.5”   |   Price: $1,350

Koi | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Original Acrylic

My dad, who specialized in fish medicine after retiring as a full-time veterinarian, had a beautiful koi pond in his backyard on Kettle Creek in New Jersey, until hurricane Sandy washed everything away. Three feet of water and mud also flooded his entire house. He had cared for these koi for 20 years, and some had grown to 18” long. It was a heartbreak for him when he lost all 50 of them. This painting of koi is dedicated to my dad and the fish he loved.

Image Size: 11 x 14"   |   Framed Size: 17 x 20"   |   Price: $1500

Mini Desert | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Mini Desert
Original Watercolor

It was fun and challenging to paint a scene of the desert on a 4x4” piece of paper, and still try to convey distance, perspective, and the color and the joy of living here.

Image Size: 4 x 4"   |   Framed Size: 11.5 x 11.5"   |   Price: $550

Motherly Love | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Motherly Love
Original Watercolor

This is one of the iconic Tucson mountain scenes I hadn’t painted before. After several requests from my staff, I finally painted Thimble Peak after taking some good reference photos while driving on the east side of Tucson in the late afternoon. The shadows make the scene especially interesting.

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 17.5 x 20.5”   |   Price: $1,450

Red Sun

Red Sun
Original Watercolor

This is a fun and whimsical miniature view of the desert.

Image Size: 5 x 5"   |   Framed Size: 12.5 x 12.5”   |   Price: $650

Rockport House | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Rockport House
Original Watercolor

We drove up the coast to Rockport, MA after a family wedding and fell in love with the rocky eastern shoreline. This was a beautiful house situated on an amazing piece of property that jutted out into the ocean.

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 14 x 17"   |   Price: $1,250

Vacation House | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Vacation House
Original Watercolor

Located just down the street from the Rockport house, this very appealing home was a bed and breakfast. We stopped in to get a brochure for a future visit, and sadly learned the property had just been sold and would be razed by the new owner. I wanted to paint it to preserve the memory.

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 14 x 17"   |   Price: $1,250

Sasabe Store | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Sasabe Store
Original Watercolor

During a trip to Rancho de la Osa on the border of Arizona and Mexico, we rode electric bikes into town and visited the Sasabe General Store. It was a step back in time! The store sold everything from old mixers, to hardware, to food, t-shirts, a typewriter and a pot-bellied stove. If you were lucky, you got a tour of the back room which transformed into the town saloon at night. Currently, Sasabe has a population of 11!

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 15 x 18"   |   Price: $1,250

Tango and Stella | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Tango and Stella
Original Watercolor

Our dogs have a good life! After all, they live at the “dog spa.”  They take a swim, have a bite to eat, then lie out in the sun, which is how they got their “tan.”

Image Size: 7 x 7"   |   Framed Size: 13.5 x 13.5"   |   Price: $850

The Fjords

The Fjords
Original Watercolor

These cute little Norwegian horses live at White Stallion Ranch and will only socialize with other Fjords in the corral. The Fjord is one of the oldest and purest breeds, in existence for 2,000 years.

Image Size: 7 x 10"   |   Framed Size: 11 x 14"   |   Price: $950

Welcome to White Stallion Ranch | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Welcome to White Stallion Ranch
Original Watercolor

I painted some of the images for the “Small Painting Show” during my 10-day working retreat at White Stallion Ranch. This is the seventh year I’ve gone to the ranch to paint, and it has become my home-away-from-home. Located near the intersection of Twin Peaks Road and Silverbell Road, it is a short 45-minute drive, yet I feel far from home. The True family has preserved 3,000 acres of pristine desert on the Ranch which makes for some spectacular rides.

Image Size: 7 x 10"   |   Framed Size: 13 x 16"   |   Price: $950

White Hibiscus | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

White Hibiscus
Original Watercolor

I am amazed that this flower blooms almost all year long. For me, the hibiscus signifies paradise, and is one of the most beautiful flowers.

Image Size: 4 x 4"   |   Framed Size: 12 x 12"   |   Price: $550


Wolf Walking | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Wolf Walking
Original Watercolor/Pastel

I stored several John Nieto serigraphs in my painting studio before we sold them at a Gallery estate sale. I was inspired and influenced by the colorful wolves and coyotes that graced my studio, and decided to paint a few of my own. Stay tuned for a wolf series in the near future.

Image Size: 9 x 12"   |   Framed Size: 16 x 19"   |   Price: $1,250

Aravaipa Canyon | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Aravaipa Canyon
Original Acrylic

I hadn’t been to Aravaipa Canyon for many years, so when Kevin and Jill Madden invited us to their newly purchased B and B called the Aravaipa Orchards Inn, I was excited to go. As they gave us the grand tour, I marveled at all the work they had put into renovating the place. We later drove to Aravaipa Canyon and took some amazing reference photos for future paintings. This is a scene of the Canyon as one approaches from the road.

Image Size: 18 x 24"   |   Framed Size: 27 x 34"   |   Price: $3,200

Derek's Desert | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

Derek's Desert
Original Acrylic

I was forced to loosen up a bit and “throw” paint on the canvas when I studied with master artist Derek Penix this past fall. I love the red and orange mountains in the background—colors I might not have ordinarily chosen for mountains. I also like the depth and the light in this piece.

Image Size: 12 x 16"   |   Framed Size: 16 x 22"   |   Price: $2,400

February Flowers | Southwest Art Gallery Tuson |  Diana Madaras

February Flowers
Original Acrylic

Lastly, I felt the need to break out and paint something big and bold and loose. I arranged flowers in my studio and had great fun creating this last painting for the show which was completed just last week!

Image Size: 36 x 40"   |   Framed Size: 49 x 53"   |   Price: $7,500

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