Arizona Paranormal:
     St James Hotel

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

In a small town of Cimarron, New Mexico lays a haunted hotel that is a paranormal investigators dream. It’s called the St. James Hotel. This hotel has had many famous people pass through; such as Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Annie Oakley, and more. This hotel was built in the 1870s and has had its fair share of gunfights and deaths within its walls.

Each room is named after the famous person who stayed in it and you can feel free to walk the hotel and take a peek into each room that has a red-velvet rope stopping you from entering. The only time when the doors are closed is when the rooms are occupied, they rent out every room but one, room 18 which is TJ’s room, his room is the only room that is not available to rent nor is it left open for guest to see; his room is kept shut and hasn’t been remolded or touched. TJ is one of the most famous spirits at the hotel.

Arizona Paranormal

My husband, Will and I took a little road trip to New Mexico a few weeks back. We did some non-paranormal things (such as the zoo in Albuquerque) but before heading home from our weekend getaway, we had to stop at this famous hotel.

There was snow on the ground and the hotel had this old fashion feeling to it. We got there before check in and our room wasn’t ready yet but the staff was so welcoming and friendly and started talking to us. They knew my husband and I were paranormal investigators so they started telling us stories and asking questions, they showed us some of the stories and pictures guest have sent in. We asked about TJ’s room cause we had heard how he doesn’t like to be disturbed and they were kind enough to open his room and let us peek in. We were, of course, polite and asked TJ if it was ok and thanked him for letting us look at his room. Other guests that haven’t been so nice to TJ have later sent apologies in letters to the hotel to put in his room because they had bad luck afterward. TJ isn’t a bad guy, he just wants to be left alone and respected and if you do that you won’t have a problem.

We stayed the night in room 19, Mary Lambert’s room, which is across the hall from TJ’s room and also a very active room in the hotel. Mary is very particular about certain things, she doesn’t like her door or window open. She tends to shut her door and if you have a window open she tends to make knocking sounds.

My husband, Will had the experience with the door; he took our luggage upstairs as I stayed downstairs talking to the front desk staff and as he walked in with the luggage the door closed behind him. Being investigators, we try to debunk so he reopened and did notice at a certain point the door will close on its own but if it’s open all the way it won’t, so he made sure to open it all the way and turned around to put the suitcases away and the door shut again. Later when I went up to the room I decided to try the window, I opened it and waited in the room alone for something to happen but no luck, when Will and I decided to go explore I closed the window since it was so cold outside and we both left the room; as soon as we closed the door though we both heard knocking sounds from within the room so we reopened the door and there was nothing unusual and closed the door again but this time no knocking.

Arizona Paranormal

We were lucky because we had the entire hotel to ourselves that night, we were the only guest so we had free roam of everywhere in the hotel. We sadly didn’t get a ton of activity but did have our equipment go off in the poker room and did hear some creeks in the floorboards as if someone was walking when no one was. We went to bed and I had been told earlier that Mary didn’t like women in her room and I did have an unusual dream that night of feeling the bed shake and waking up to see Mary shaking the bed out of dislike to me. They say that ghost can project dreams onto, so was this Mary doing that to me? Who knows. What I do know is that the hotel and staff were wonderful and we look forward to returning in the future. If you are ever in the small town of Cimarron, New Mexico, be sure to stop by the St James Hotel and say hi to the wonderful staff and don’t forget to say hi to the spirits too because remember you are never truly alone.

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Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

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Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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