Arizona Paranormal:
     La Cocina’s friendly ghosts

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

If you have ever done the Tucson ghost tour or Tucson ghost experience, then you are very familiar with La Cocina. La Cocina is home to several locally owned shops, bars, and an outdoor restaurant. The staff is great and the owner, Jo, is a wonderful woman. Parts of their location date back to the 1800s and parts were inside the Old Presidio. Not only is La Cocina a great environment with great people but also home to some friendly spirits.

Arizona Paranormal

We know of several haunts that call La Cocina home. A couple different cowboys, a couple different ladies (one which they named Rosa), a spirit they call Sgt. Frank, a couple little kids, and even some animals. They are not short of ghostly encounters that is for sure. Speak to different employees and they will most likely have ghostly tales of their own. I have heard stories about the cowboy being seen, lights coming on by themselves, and the kids playing games of moving things around on people.

Of course, I have had my own experiences there and the best part is for most of them had witnesses to back the stories! Some of the experiences that I didn’t have witnesses for though included seeing a black mist, being touched on my shoulder, and seeing a face in a blocked off window in the bathroom. Those are only the beginning though, I have had experiences that others were there to witness, such as feeling watched while standing outside of La Cocina so I said hi to the spirits to then hear the door handle jiggle as if someone was trying to come out to greet me, yet no one was in the building.

We have heard a door chime go off as if someone had walked in to only find out that not only has that door chime been unplugged but hasn’t worked in years. We have heard what sounds like furniture being dragged, to knocks, to what sounded like a horse kicking a metal bucket. The latest was having a radio turn on by itself only to get louder until we were able to locate it and turn it off and then had someone whistle.

My youngest daughter saw the little girl spirit a couple years back and claims to been playing peek a boo with her, what made that a convincing story was our emf decorators were going crazy at the time. In fact, we have had equipment go off and flashlights turn on by themselves. We have also had the smell of cigar become very overwhelming which we believe to be one of the cowboys.

On some nights they are a bit quiet at La Cocina and on other nights they really make themselves known. Every single spirit I have come in contact at La Cocina seems to be either playful or friendly. I have never once felt threatened while there, in fact, I believe the one cowboy to be more of a protector to me because we have gotten EVPs of him saying he would kick my friend's butt for teasing me! I like that cowboy!

All in all La Cocina is filled with rich history, friendly staff, and fun loving ghost! It’s one of my favorite places in Tucson for the haunts and I am so incredibly thankful that they are open to their ghostly friends.

Next month I am doing another road trip to some haunted locations, this time in New Mexico, so until I write again..remember you are never truly alone!

About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

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Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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