Arizona Paranormal:
     Who you gonna call?

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Arizona Paranormal

Who you gonna call? Well most will answer "Ghostbusters", but in reality, we aren't ghostbusters, we are paranormal investigators. We don't go in busting ghost or even hunting ghost; my team goes in to investigate and debunk the haunting. There are so many things that can make people think they are being haunted but they aren't, some things can be debunked. I had one case that had a ton of exposed wiring and mirrors in the house; between the exposed wiring causing the high EMFs and the mirrors causing all kinds of lights and shadows, we were able to debunk most of the claims and put our clients at ease.

So what if we can't debunk? Then we may be dealing with a haunting and we try to figure out the who and why. This isn't always an easy task and sometimes we don't get exact answers but we do our best and no matter what we will then give our clients advice on what to do next.

Sometimes we go back and re-visit a case to see if we can get more information. There have been a couple cases that we have investigated more than once and we sometimes get some of the same voices and same experiences, but it's never the exact same. Sometimes the spirits are more active because they know us and sometimes less active because we helped them out. In this field, you never know what you will get.

We recently did a case that we will get to re-visit in the near future. This location we got a lot of visual evidence and some good EVPs too. I am curious if I was able to help one of the spirits there; one that attached themselves to me. This man had committed suicide and was severely wanting to be heard. I am going to be curious to if I helped him and he's happy now or still hanging out. Even though we know the place is haunted even when we re-visit we will still be going in as a skeptic and trying to debunk things before calling it paranormal. Tucson Ghost Society is one that will always be true to what we find and won't call anything paranormal unless we truly can't explain it. I want my team to stand out this way because there are some in this field that are not in it for the right reasons and hurt the field. We will always be respectful to the living and to the dead and do our best to prove that there is more out there than we will ever understand. We will never fake any evidence, we will never be in it for the "thrill" of it, we know there is danger involved in doing this, and will always educate people on what we do understand in this field. People may not believe in what we do, but we believe and will remain true. So when someone does end up with a paranormal concern--who are they going to call? Tucson Ghost Society!

Even if you are a skeptic just remember, you are never truly alone!

About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Radio host of Mysteries Explained
every Thursday from 8-10 Eastern time

Owner of Tucson Ghost Company, LLC
(Tucson Ghost Tour, Tucson Ghost Experience, special events & more)

Founder/lead investigator of Tucson Ghost Society
(Free paranormal investigations)

Writer of Arizona Paranormal for Tucson Happenings

Author of an upcoming book “Haunted Tucson” due in stores in Oct 2019

(520) 373-5387

Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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