Arizona Paranormal:
     First Time as a Pro

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

I bought the rights to Tucson ghost tour over 3 years ago and I knew with running a ghost tour I would have people approach me about paranormal concerns or questions. I always wanted answers myself and wanted to be able to explore more deeply into the paranormal; so once I started the business I went looking for a reliable paranormal team. I went looking in hopes I could give people a trustworthy team to call when they needed help and honestly hoped that in some way I could be a part of the team. I found a team and explained who I was and what I do; basically I said: "My name is Becky and I am the new owner of the Tucson Ghost Tour and I would like to meet with you to learn more about your team and be able to direct any customers with paranormal concerns too." I met with the team and started getting involved with them; this was a dream come true for me to be a 'ghost hunter'. It was perfect too because I would get leads on places being haunted on my tours.

The more I did my tours the more people I got to know and the more I found out about hauntings! In fact, I was able to close down my tour after a month of running it to work on a totally new script with new locations and stories! After having the business closed for 2 months I was able to re-open with that new script and a new ghost hunt, called Tucson ghost experience! Things were falling into place, but the team I was with was extremely busy and wasn't investigating much which was disappointing to me.

I had received a call about a closed down business that they wanted some answers to if they were really haunted or not; I told the team about it but they just didn't have the time to investigate. This place called to me; I dreamt about it, I thought about it, I knew I had to get in there! So I asked if they would mind if I got a couple people together and went and did the investigation without them; the team said that was fine, so that's what I did!

Arizona Paranormal

Photo of my first undisclosed location.

I searched just for a couple people to go in with me with a cheap DVR system I had bought and just a couple of pieces of equipment my husband had bought me and it turned into a life changing night. That night is when Tucson ghost society was formed! That night I spent hours in one of the most haunted locations I have ever been in! That night I was touched by an unseen force and received an EVP to prove it! You see I felt a touch on my neck and when I asked if anything was there and the response from the others was no I said "ok maybe it was just my hair, I am going to put it up tighter in the ponytail" but as we played back the recordings as I am saying that you could hear a male voice say "no it was me" admitting to touching me!! That same male ended up following me around for roughly 6 months! My children nicknamed him Richie. He would set off my equipment, make noise, touch my hair, even once pinched my butt, and I even saw his shadow at the foot of my bed once.

The very first case I did as a team lead was incredible and we received so much evidence from that night; that it fueled my passion for this field even more! That night not only did I get touched and followed but we all heard footsteps coming right up to us, we all heard knocks in response to us, and we all witnessed something 'appear' out of nowhere! You see we took a break to go outside to cool off and when we came back in a strap was hanging down from the rafter that wasn't there before; it was a heavy strap so there was no way it just blew down; besides there was no breeze that night and it was nowhere near the edge of the rafter. In fact when we checked it out it was basically attached to the inside of a dresser drawer and the people there with us didn't even know that dresser was there! It was a very interesting night! Since then the place has changed ownership which is one reason I can not state the name to this place (a lot of times you will see due to confidentiality we can't state names of businesses or clients). When it was under the old ownership though we were able to get in there a couple of times to investigate and I loved each and every time! The place still calls to me and I wish I could own it! I don't know the fate of this business but I do know the ghost are there waiting patiently for someone new to come in!

As for the other team I was on, I believe their busy schedules caused them to have to stop investigating. I was thankful they had taken me in so to say and thanks to the training I received from them I was able to have more of an idea of how to run Tucson Ghost Society! Since 2014, the team has been to many businesses and client homes and we have had so many experiences. So until next month when I tell you about another haunted location; just remember we are never truly alone!

About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Radio host of Mysteries Explained
every Thursday from 8-10 Eastern time

Owner of Tucson Ghost Company, LLC
(Tucson Ghost Tour, Tucson Ghost Experience, special events & more)

Founder/lead investigator of Tucson Ghost Society
(Free paranormal investigations)

Writer of Arizona Paranormal for Tucson Happenings

Author of an upcoming book “Haunted Tucson” due in stores in Oct 2019

(520) 373-5387

Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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