Arizona Paranormal:

By Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

I have been doing investigations for about 3 years now and have witnessed things that I never thought I would. Even though I was raised in a haunted house and lived in a haunted apartment when I was older, I never had really looked for paranormal activity; it had found me. Now for the past 3 years, I have been looking for proof of paranormal activity and also looking to "debunk" things by finding 'human' causes that could be mistaken for paranormal activity.

Some may ask why do we try to debunk, the reason behind this is because if we call everything paranormal we wouldn't be taken seriously when we did find something ghostly. We would be like the boy that called wolf. We have been on cases that we find a lot that we can debunk and explain; such has exposed wiring can cause high EMFs which can cause you to feel like you are being watched. Shadows being seen because of angles of mirrors and lights hitting them certain ways. Odd noises due to certain appliances or animals, etc; we want to rule out everything that isn't paranormal so when we can't explain it, we know we got something good.

We have been on some cases that we could debunk some things and others we couldn't or on some cases that we just couldn't explain any of it. The first case I went on as a lead investigator still sticks out to me. We couldn't explain how we could hear footsteps walking right up to us when no one else was in the building and how I felt something on my neck, like a light touch and when playing back the recorder when you can hear me say, "maybe it was my hair," thinking my hair had touched my neck we got an EVP of a male voice that says "no it was me".

Arizona Paranormal

Picture of what it looks like when we play EVPs.

On another investigation, I had to face a not so nice ghost that was a smarty pants. I had some allergies/sinus problems during the investigation but it wasn't anything that made me feel ill, just mainly something that was annoying and I wanted to make sure the client knew I wasn't contagious. I went to one area of the house that the clients had always said they were uncomfortable in and this was the area that they saw the bad black shadow man; while in this area I started feeling very ill. When playing back the recorder, you can hear me asking, "what is making me feel so sick?" We then get an EVP of a male that says clear as day, "maybe it's allergies".

I also have had investigations to where the ghost make me feel either angry, sad, or depressed. One case I had recently my mood completely changed; I was fine one minute and then next I felt angry and frustrated and that stayed with me for a few days. Paranormal investigating isn't something that people shouldn't mess with just for fun; it can leave a mark on you. I do this because I have a passion for it; I want to help people; I want answers; and it honestly calls to me. I have another investigation coming up in the month of December that I am looking forward to; lots of ghost stories come from this location and I am hoping next month to be able to write about my own personal experiences from this location--so stay tuned and remember till then; we are never truly alone!

About the Author:

Arizona Paranormal

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Becky McKiddy-Gydesen

Radio host of Mysteries Explained
every Thursday from 8-10 Eastern time

Owner of Tucson Ghost Company, LLC
(Tucson Ghost Tour, Tucson Ghost Experience, special events & more)

Founder/lead investigator of Tucson Ghost Society
(Free paranormal investigations)

Writer of Arizona Paranormal for Tucson Happenings

Author of an upcoming book “Haunted Tucson” due in stores in Oct 2019

(520) 373-5387

Arizona Paranormal

Arizona Paranormal
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