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Artist Profile September 2019 Jane Hamilton


And now that it has been 40 years since that 1st “popcorn prayer”, I can clearly see God’s hand in all of it. God used a practical need to get my attention, to a spiritual direction of my life. He moved it all at once, my calling in life’s work and his spiritual calling to me. He has directed my path since then, with the art business and my children. God has been waiting patiently for me to ask for help, before making it obvious that it was his hand that moved the direction needed.

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Tucson Happenings is devoted to our local artists and have been publishing monthly artist profiles for years. This page will list many artists that have profiled since we went digital in May of 2015.

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  Origami September 2019 Origami Page: One Sheet Book

By Mary Ellen Palmeri

This folded-paper booklet is a great way to create useful little notebooks. Some of the many uses for these are Saving data (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) or for miniature collections of poems, stickers, or stamps. Another way to put them to use is to make miniature sketchbooks or coloring books that are easy to keep in a pocket. They can even be used for making mini pamphlets promoting your favorite causes.

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  Fashion September 2019 Fashion:
       September Styles... July Temperatures!

By Karen R. Smith

Most of us grew up elsewhere, where Fall is an actual season and involves temperatures dropping, leaves turning colors other than green and sweaters and jackets getting used once the sun goes down. Well, this isn’t Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Here in Tucson, Fall is pretty much like Summer, continued. It’s still 100 degrees, the sun is shining, the leaves all look the same as they did last month, and about the only seasonal marker is the ripening of the fruits on our prickly pear cacti!

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009 - Licence to Thrill! Running August 29 – November 10, 2019
Join Dave Fanning and the Gaslight cast this fall in "009 - Licence to Thrill!" Secret Agent, Alex Starr, travels the globe fighting evil, meeting beautiful women, and singing songs. After infiltrating the gang of criminal mastermind, Victor Vector, and his sinister henchwoman, Venus, Starr must thwart their evil plans for world domination. Will this "Secret Agent Man" find Vector's underwater lair in time? Will he save the world from nefarious schemes? Will he still have time for a cocktail?! Book your tickets today to find out! www.thegaslighttheatre.com 

Some Friday and Saturday Nights Take a full three course table-served fine dining experience; combine it with a classic, hilarious 3-act, interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Whodunit; throw in the setting of an award winning Magic Performance and be prepared for one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona (JFCS), a non-profit mental health and community services organization, is excited to host an enchanting evening of multicultural music and dance at the historic Fox Tucson Theatre headlined by Jácome Flamenco’s nationally-acclaimed flamenco production ¡FlaMÉXico! on Sunday, September 8th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Featuring a unique prelude by the Classical music duo Alexander Tentser and Anna Gendler.

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September 2019 Cover: "Desert Wish" (40x30 oil)
By Tom Murray

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